COMING SOON for 2022

We're working hard setting Hackcessible up this year, but we're not quite ready yet! Please bear with us during this time and contact us using the form if you have any questions.

The multidisciplinary make-a-thon that puts users at the heart of the product design

Hackcessible is a make-a-thon that brings together students from across the spectrum: engineering, product design, coding, health and social care and others to collaborate with disabled people and create workable products that support their needs.

After a successful multi-university event last year, we’re back and we’re going BIG! We’re partnering with Remap, a UK-wide charity that helps disabled people of all ages to live more independent lives. We’re inviting universities from across the globe to participate. 


Hackcessible ’22 doesn’t have an official launch date yet, so stay tuned for more information! In our last few years running, we had some great projects to work on from challengers across the country, whatever and wherever you’re studying. Read more about last year’s challenges below.

  • Following a similar format to previous years, students will be expected to work in teams to solve a ‘challenge’ that a real-life disabled person is facing. They’re expected to work with that person and with the Hackcessible team to learn more about the issue they are facing and potential ways they could solve it. 
  • Kicking off with our online Challenge Event, students will get the chance to explore all of the challenges further and chat to some of the challengers. You will be able to express your preference for a specific challenge or challenges, and tell us about your skills and interests, and then we will assign you to a project based on what you’ve told us and where you are. You may not get your first choice, and you might end up working with students and challengers in your area or working remotely with people in various locations, depending on participant numbers and project needs.
  • Following the Challenge Event, your team, made up of 5-7 students and a challenger, will get five weeks to work on a solution. Where appropriate, this might include building basic prototypes and visits to the challenger.
  • During this design phase, you will have access to a pool of mentors with expertise in various areas, from assistive technology to electronics. We will also be running weekly online workshops on a range of relevant topics including CAD for 3D printing and Case Studies in Assistive Technology Design.
  • At the end of the five weeks, we will run a makeathon over the weekend of 3-5th December to coincide with the International Day of Disabled People. If you are near a University that’s already supporting the making on site (Sheffield, Warwick, Newcastle, DIET, Rice…) you can use the makerspace facilities there (either during the weekend or in the previous week if not available). If you don’t have access to makerspace facilities, chat to staff at your Uni, or you are welcome to come to Sheffield to use the iForge makerspace!
  • At the end of the makeathon, judges will assess your solutions, award prizes and give you feedback on how to develop the solution into a usable product.
  • After the makeathon, we will run further workshops to help you take your idea forward in the most appropriate way.

2021 challenges

Do you have a disability or care for someone who does?

Is there a specific challenge in your daily life that can’t be met by existing technology?

Do you have an idea for something that could improve your quality of life, and that of others?

Would you like to work with enthusiastic students to come up with a solution and build it?

Do you work with university students?

Are you looking for co-curricular opportunities to engage them in?

Would you like to support a team to participate in Hackcessible?

Hackcessible is a volunteer-run event. Can you help fund it?

Are you a member of the press looking for more information on Hackcessible?

Do you have skills you could offer to help and train our students?

Previous challenges

Hear from our participants

I have cerebral palsy and need help with many things, but I don't let this stop me from doing what I want. I'm always looking for solutions. [Hackcessible has] been amazing — we have a fantastic team that worked really well together and everyone has listened to me and what I need. [The make-a-thon] has been totally inspirational and I have loved every minute.



I learned a lot of new skills, like working as part of a team and learning from different disciplines. It was really good to think through the process of how you come up with ideas in a group.



We've learnt that things are possible, you've just got to think outside of the box. It's not as cut and dried as 'yes' and 'no', it's [often] 'yes but' or compromising. You were told previously this was your only option, but actually it's not - we're coming up with another one.



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