30th November - 1st December 2019

The UK’s first multi-disciplinary make-a-thon that puts users at the heart of the product design.

Hackcessible is a make-a-thon that brings together engineers, designers, coders, students and others to collaborate with individuals with disabilities and create workable products that support their needs.

#Hackcessible18 Winner

Image of the winning Hackcessible 2018 team, playing the euphonium using their hackcessible solution

The winning team of Hackcessible 2018 were Team Vicky! Vicky is a euphonium player with a visual impairment. Her challenge was to find a way to make sheet music more accessible

The winning team wrote a program to scan sheet music, edit it into a more accessible format and allow Vicky to navigate it using foot pedals all while being able to access the music from her phone or tablet.  

The future for the work done by Team Vicky could greatly benefit visually impaired musicians all over the world and make a real difference in their lives.

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