Vicky’s solution

The Solution

How does it work?
– Researched, resourced and developed.
– A user guide has been created to aid in the use of the program.
– A foot pedal is programmed to allow Vicky to control the program without taking her hands off the instrument.
Does it work?
It is functional but there are a few adjustments that need to be done.
Issues of the project?
– The formatting process is long and complicated.
The performance of the app is proportional to the formatting skills
What risks were considered and how did you address them?
– Making sure the tablet does not fall off the stand. We addressed it by building a platform that keeps the tablet with the keyboard in place.

User Guide

The User Guide has 8 Sections and it explains how to:
– format the picture
– upload the picture to the app
– use the app with the foot pedal
– It also contains an appendix with a list of instructions on how to use the app.

Market Analysis

Who else will benefit? (How many? i.e. market size)
– Musicians of all types as it can be used for other musical instruments.
– Everyone who enjoys reading as it can make reading easier.
Existing solutions
– There are similar solutions on the market but they’re not widespread, they don’t work for all musical instruments, and they’re quite expensive.
Barriers for market entry
– There is always the risk of organisations not being interested in the product.
The program is functional for windows only.

Proposed Business Model

How would you propose to bring your solution to a wider market?

  • Present our product to charities which can possibly advertise it to the wider public.
  • Minimise the product’s cost to make it more accessible. ( app is free, foot pedal – additional costs involved ~ £45 )

Who will pay for it and how?

  • Societies and NGOs (royal society, Tapton school and Amber trust).
  • Get in touch with foot pedal makers and propose reducing the price for future buyers of the product, if we manage to provide a constant flow of customers.

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