Kamal Birdi

Kamal BirdiKamal is a Senior Lecturer and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. He has been researching learning and creativity in organisations for over 25 years and thousands of people have now been trained in using his CLEAR IDEAS innovation development method.




Sarah Boyd

Sarah BoydProduct designer and engineer who has worked at the likes of IDEO. She has a strong interest in the use of makerspaces as a vehicle for developing tech for good as well as educating people on sustainable product design.




Richard Caley

Richard CaleyRichard is a clinical scientist & engineer specialising in assistive & rehabilitation technology. He has over two decades of health service experience directly supporting individuals with wide ranging disabilities through the provision of enabling technologies.




Matt Carré

Dr Matt CarréReader in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in human interaction with products, devices and surfaces, particularly in regard to sports engineering, skin tribology and shoe-surface interaction




Dana Damian

Dr Dana D. DamianLecturer in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, specialising in hand prostheses and wearables for assistive technology, robotic implants etc. Her research resides at the intersection between soft robotics, embodied artificial intelligence and bioengineering.




Charlie Danger

Charlie DangerHighly experienced assistive technology specialist who combines in-depth technical knowledge with clinical skills as an occupational therapist.





Michael Howarth

Michael is the chief mechanical technologist at the Barnsley Assistive Technology Team. He has many, many years of experience building bespoke devices for people with a variety of disabilities. An expert in using traditional machine shop tools.




Valdis Krūmiņš

Valdis Krūmiņš

Product design engineer based at AMRC with expertise in mechanical prototyping / mock up building skills and a creative mindset for finding quick solutions for prototyping.





Pete Mylon

Pete is a University Teacher in Multidisciplinary Engineering Education. He teaches design, manufacturing and CAD and has experience in mechanical engineering consultancy, medical device design and research, particularly in manual dexterity, finger friction and optometry.




Eduardo Perez-Guagnelli

Eduardo Perez-GuagnelliEduardo is a researcher, product designer and human factors specialist, expert in Inclusive/Universal design theory and User Experience. He has worked as supervisor of healthcare related projects, particularly in regard to the rehabilitation of people with motor disabilities. Currently, he is conducting research into the design of long-term robotic implants for tissue regeneration as member of the Sheffield Biomedical Robotics Lab.



David Polson

Senior Lecturer in mechanical engineering design – previously worked for Arup, and is an enthusiastic hacker, having designed and built an array of ingenious engineering projects.

Jen Rowson

Dr Jennifer RowsonMechanical engineering lecturer specialising in human to environment interaction, computer simulation, inclusive design, and ageing and its influence on design.




Siddharth Segal

Siddharth SegalResearcher at the Centre for Assistive Technology & Connected Healthcare. An expert in speech recognition and AI. Developed applications that recognize speech which may be impaired due to various neurological conditions.




Andrew Stratton

Andrew Stratton

Senior University Teacher in the Department of Computer Science working for the Institute of Coding with 12+ years industry experience in many roles, including Senior Java Developer, Team Leader, Technical Architect and Project manager at companies including IBM, Barclaycard, Asda and BT. Andrew’s research is focused around the Quando toolset, which offers Visual End User Development and rapid prototyping for non programmers.



Aejaz Zahid

Aejaz Zahid profile photoDesigner, engineer and assistive technology specialist. Aejaz is a research and innovation fellow working between the NHS and The University of Sheffield. For almost twenty years, he has worked directly with hundreds of individuals with wide ranging disability challenges both in the UK and abroad and his teams have won numerous awards for innovation the world over. He has helped almost two dozen assistive products go to market and supported a number of startups to emerge and scale up successfully.